Welcome to Naurt, where geocoding meets last-mile delivery. Throughout this quickstart you'll learn how to:

  • Sign-up for your free Naurt API key.
  • Geocode delivery addresses for precise instructions in the last 100m
  • Reverse geocode to receive nearby addresses with delivery data.

So let's get started!

Your free Naurt account

Before you start making requests, you'll need to sign up for a free Naurt account on the Naurt dashboard. All we require is a verified email and you'll be good to go.

On the homepage, your API key starting with nk_, will be found pre-loaded with 4800 requests per calendar month so you can start using Naurt right away.

Final Destination endpoint

Naurt's final destination data can be accessed through the following endpoint.


Authorization & Content-Type

Every request made to Naurt will need to contain a valid API key. Within a header of the request make sure you include,

Authorization: <API-KEY-HERE>

Naurt also requires every request to have a valid JSON body. In another header, make sure to include,

Content-Type: application/json